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          Joseph La Motta
            Brisbane's Premier Men's
                Hairstylist since 1976

              La Motta's Hairstyling
                415 Adelaide St.
                Brisbane CBD
                QLD 4000
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                B/h: 0414 349 435

              No Appointment Required
                Just Walk-in.

              "La Motta's Hairstyling"
                Created for those discerning
                Gentlemen who have a
                genuine pride in their



*Buzz Cut / Crewcut: is a single or dual length clipper blade all over using BLADES #0 - #4.

*Bald Fade: is a combo of clipper lengths from a #1 - #2 on top faded down to a #0 on the sides and back (line-up with razor - $2 extra).

*Re-Style - $5 extra will be added to any stylecut price if more than 4cm (over 3 months growth) of hair is removed.

*Beard Trim: Have a Haircut / Beard Combo and pay only $10 for your beard (trim) using clipper guard only / $11 if beard is long. If getting beard without haircut then the price will be $12 for your beard (trim) using clipper guard only / $14 if beard is very long.

To achieve a high quality haircut:

1 - Make sure your hair is freshly washed and kept free from any products until after the haircut.

2 - Avoid wearing sunglasses or a hat on top of your head which create indents in your hair.

Special Note:

Just because a Hairstyle looks good on paper does not necessarily mean that it suits your Facial Structure and or your Hair Growth Pattern. It is up to your Barber to advise you on the pros and cons of any hairstyle.