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          Joseph La Motta
            Brisbane's Premier Men's
                Hairstylist since 1976

              La Motta's Hairstyling
                415 Adelaide St.
                Brisbane CBD
                QLD 4000
                Click Here for a Guide Map

                B/h: 0414 349 435

              No Appointment Required
                Just Walk-in.

              "La Motta's Hairstyling"
                Created for those discerning
                Gentlemen who have a
                genuine pride in their



History of La Motta Family Barbering - EST. 1959 (Brisbane)

It all started in Italy over 132 years ago when Joseph's Grandfather Tommaso La Motta started barbering in 1890. In 1924 Tommaso had a son, Giovanni La Motta (Joseph's Father) and passed the trade onto him. Giovanni was only 10 years old when he started barbering and continued his trade for the next 54 years until his retirement in 1988.

Giovanni ( also known as Johnny or John La motta ) emigrated from Italy after World War 2 and settled in Brisbane in 1949. In 1959, after 10 years of working for others he decided to open his own successful Barber Shop on the corner of Wharf and Queen Street, formally known as Empire House.

In 1960 Giovanni had a son, Joseph La Motta (Myself) who was born and raised in Brisbane. In 1976 at the age of 16 Joseph decided to follow in the footsteps of his father and grandfather learning the skills of traditional barbering.

Over the following years Joseph won the respect of his peers and became known as the "Barber's Barber". Now, still barbering 47 years later (2023), Joseph is still going strong in his New Exclusive Men's Salon that specialises in one to one Personal Service.

You can find Joseph La Motta at his latest salon located at 415 Adelaide St. Brisbane CBD.